Brother 50ml Magenta Ink Refill Tool


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Easy to use tool that makes filling the brother LC37 / 38 / 57 / 67 / 73 / 77 very simple.

Syringe Method
1. Make sure there is adequate quantity of ink to fill the cartridge in the bottle before starting. If you don’t have the ink, don’t forget to purchase some with this refill tool and save on postage! Attach the fitting at the end of the tube over the plunger valve (We will send basic instructions and photos with the tool). Push or turn the fitting onto the cartridges to ensure a firm fitting. 2. Insert a 50ml syringe (These can also be purchased separately) into the top of the bottle. Pull back reasonably quickly on the syringe as far as you can go and then release the syringe. As you pull back on the syringe you are removing air from the cartridge and as you release it ink is filling into the cartridge. 3. Repeat Step 2 until the cartridge is full. The ink level of the cartridge can be easily seen by looking at the clear sight window located on the cartridge. Alternatively a comparison against new OEM cartridge weight can be used.