Canon PG40/50 PG640XL Refill Kit


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You can now refill your own printer cartridges at home quickly and mess free with this semi automatic patented DIY refill kit.

These patented Do-It-Yourself refill kits are the easiest, simplest refill kits you will ever find. Not only are they simple to use but they are also a no-mess filling system. We all know ink is a messy thing, but with these refill kits you don’t have to worry about that anymore, everybody can now refill their cartridges at home without the mess. This kit uses very clever patented technology that makes it so easy to fill your own printer cartridges. Not only is it more convenient to refill your own cartridges at home, its also a much cheaper $$ option. This kit has enough ink to refill the cartridge 3 times – that’s an amazing amount of saving compared to buying replacement cartridges. * For best results its highly recommended to refill your cartridges at the first sign of running out of ink.